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Post by mut0 on Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:28 pm

General Rules:
1.) Never use any administrative commands if you are roleplaying. (Like noclip, jail, teleport, spectate, etc.)
2.) If you want to use administrative commands, please change to the Staff Member on Duty job.
3.) Never ban anyone more than 4 days without my permission.
4.) Never jail/freeze/ragdoll anyone more than 10 minutes without my permission.
5.) Never punish anyone who didn't break the rules.
6.) Never drop your weapons when you're Staff Member on Duty.
7.) Never spam any commands. (Like slap, vote, etc.)
8.) Never ban anyone for stupid reasons.
9.) Always use this ban/kick reason format when you ban/kick someone: [ban/kick reason]. (Nothing more nothing less.)
10.) Never apply rules that aren't written down.
11.) Don't use FAdmin if you don't have to, use ULX.
12.) Only use "!warn [name] [reason]" if someone RDMs/NLRs/RDAs or any other minor rule break.
12.) Use common sense.

If you somehow manage to break these or any other rules, you will be demoted.


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