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Artjom's mod application Empty Artjom's mod application

Post by Artjom on Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:37 pm

Steam Name:Artjom
SteamID:Where can i find this?
Age (truth):14. 15 in october

How long have you been playing on our server?:4 days

How long have you been administrating for?:i have been a super admin before

Do you have a fluent experience in ULX admin mod?:i know all the basic commands

Do you know all the Rules (including the Staff Member Rules)?:yes i have read them maybe 2 times

Is your English also fluent?:i was born in Russia but yes very fluent

Do you have a mic?:Turtle Beach's but cant get the mic to work

What do you think being a member of staff means?:A member of staff means a great responsibility it taking care of the players,sorting out the problem and making the right solution

What are your weaknesses?:none at the moment

What are your strengths?:i can handle so many things i cant even list em Smile 

In general, why would you like to become a member of the Staff? (minimum of 2 paragraphs, not sentences):I would like to become member of staff because i want to help this server grow.It's a big responsibility but i am ready to take it on just as i would take it as my regular job (which i dont have yet Very Happy 

I am a very kind person i dont know if that counts but i can do alot of things to help others play and make a better experience for everyone.

Do you have any other extra information you would like to share with us?

P.S no spelling error Very Happy


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Artjom's mod application Empty Re: Artjom's mod application

Post by SneakySnake on Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:33 am


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