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Jimi's mod application Empty Jimi's mod application

Post by Jimii on Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:09 am

Steam Name: Jimi
SteamID: cuuleri
Age (troof): 18

How long have you been playing on our server?:
A week or two.

How long have you been administrating for?:
Haven't done it before but it's never too late to learn

Do you have a fluent experience in ULX admin mod?:
I know how to use all of the donator commands from the !menu, it's probably not too different from what mods and admins can do.

Do you know all the Rules (including the Staff Member Rules)?:

Is your English also fluent?:

Do you have a mic?:

What do you think being a member of staff means?:
Sacrificing roleplaying time for the good of the server and being fair but strict in punishments.

What are your weaknesses?:
I'm somewhat forgetful so when I go to help someone and then return I might forget what I was doing.

What are your strengths?:
I'm unbiased and will treat everyone the same.

In general, why would you like to become a member of the Staff? (minimum of 2 paragraphs, not sentences):
I think that I would be a great staff member despite my lack of experience. I want to be one because I want this server to grow and prosper and the way to make that happen is to have qualified staff members that are friendly and capable, such as me.

I'm sure I'll get along with everyone, and I'll be the kind of staff member that'll try to guide people away from the rule breaking, rather than just slapping a warn/kick/ban straight away. Under my supervision there will hopefully be less repeat offenders and more model roleplayers.
I also need to slap Lasscom
Do you have any other extra information you would like to share with us?
Nothing that I did not cover in the last question.


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Jimi's mod application Empty Re: Jimi's mod application

Post by SneakySnake on Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:54 pm


slap lasscom for me


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