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Post by ligio on Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:08 am

Lasse Bjørn. denmark
16. i had birthday yesterday Smile
steam name. skal du dyttes <3

How long have you been administrating for?: 5 days. but i have played on the server for 142 hours

Do you have a fluent experience in ULX admin mod?: yes. much. i have 2 server my own. but i find this server awesome

Do you know all the Rules (including the Staff Member Rules)?: yes. i have written them down at a peace of paper hanging on my wall

Is your English also fluent?: yes

Do you have a mic?: yes.

What do you think being a member of staff means?: helping people out of proplems. and stop rule breakers so the server is a better place

What are your weaknesses?: TURTLES. I HATE TURTLES. they are evil as fuck

What are your strengths?: My body strenght. im buff as fuck.

In general, why would you like to become a member of the Staff? (minimum of 2 paragraphs, not sentences): becouse as i sayd. i would like to help people out. i wanna make the server a good place. and i would like to become admin so i can keep on all the people coming on the server the may.

Do you have any other extra information you would like to share with us? yes. i still hate turtles  tongue tongue 


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moderator application x3 Empty Re: moderator application x3

Post by SneakySnake on Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:09 am

Denied ;/


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