Ill be back on wednesday ;3

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Ill be back on wednesday ;3 Empty Ill be back on wednesday ;3

Post by SneakySnake on Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:57 am

As some of you know my laptop has broken, I have received news of all the memory and everything on it has been destroyed/erased. So I have to download everything on it again. I should've made this message a lot more sooner, I believe it was due to my recent activity in hacking on other servers XD Just some lua script I have been messing around with. I am going to hand other accepting adds to mut0, although I see he has already been doing that. I am currently in use of this shitty netbook that cost 300 quid (boooo :c)

Anyway, I would hopefully be on at wednesday, most likely thursday. And yes mut0 'ERMAHGAT' RIP my gaming laptop </3



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