Do_stol new Mod Application.

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Do_stol new Mod Application. Empty Do_stol new Mod Application.

Post by Do_stol on Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:07 am

Steam name=Do_Stol
Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:43849799

I started playing 28/01/14.And in hours about 13 on the server.

I havent been admistraiting on alot of g mod servers but i know alot about it and want to try it.

I dont have a really fluent experience in ulx admin mod but i have been watching alot of vidoes about the commands and know alot of them.

Yes my English is fluent.

I think being a staff member means that you should respect other ppl even though you are more powerfull then them.Also not abuse and do your job.

My weaknesses whould be whriting fast and reacting to things.

My strenghts whould be that i can be on one topic for long time and that im verry optimistic.

I want to be staff because i have wanted to be staff on a garrys mod server for ages.I want to help the server whit problems that they have and maybe help them whit suggestions custom jobs etc.I want to make this server a dream come true for ppl i dont want ppl to abuse break rules or racisme etc.As i sed i havent been staff before but even that i will try my best at doing this job and making ppl happy.Ty for reading this and i really hope you guys accept and weel be meeting on the server.

I dont have any extra infromation to give you.


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Do_stol new Mod Application. Empty Re: Do_stol new Mod Application.

Post by mut0 on Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:15 am



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